5 Reasons Why You Should Join the Black Rifle Coffee Club

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I do not receive any monetary compensation for the opinions expressed.

We love coffee.

We drink a lot of coffee.

I am not ashamed to say that we are coffee snobs. We may be frugal, but coffee is one of those things that will not be skimped on. And we like having a variety of our favorite quality coffees to choose from. When one of our favorite brands in on sale, I will go ahead and buy it and add it to the stockpile. We will not run out of coffee in this house.

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About a year ago, a friend suggested that we join the coffee subscription club that he used. When we were researching his club, we came across Black Rifle Coffee Company and decided it was a better choice for us.

We admire their mission and proudly support the company and the many organizations they support by purchasing from them. Here are few of the reasons that make them “near and dear” to our hearts.

They are veteran owned and operated

Founder, Evan Hafer, spent his military career in the special forces and as a military contractor. While in service, he would roast his own coffee beans and pack them with him. In the “About” video on their website, he explains the importance of the bonding over a great cup of coffee to get the day started off right.

Hafer’s goal is to hire 10,000 veterans as they grow. He sees it as his responsibility as a veteran to remind the American people that our veterans don’t need a handout, they need opportunity to transition back into civilian life and receive whatever support they may need – physically, mentally, emotionally.

Exceptional value and a quality product

With roasting facilities in Utah and Tennessee, BRCC can deliver the freshest coffee no matter where you live in America.

We chose the ‘Best of BRCC’ subscription. Each month, we receive a different roast, but we never know which one we’ll receive. It’s always a surprise! But so far, I have to say they’ve all been amazing. (Beyond Black, Coffee or Die and Silencer Smooth have been our favorites)

You are able to create a profile so they have an idea of what type coffee drinker you are and what roasts you might like. So while it’s their choice, you won’t receive light roast if you only like dark ,or decaf if that’s not something you would care for.

With every purchase, they give back

BRCC is committed and passionate about supporting our veterans, first responders and the “American way of life”.

Through BRCC, we have learned of veteran and first responder support organizations and causes we’d never heard of, and we now contribute to them and promote. Boot Campaign and Warriors Heart are two of our favorites. Click this link to read more about these organizations and for a better look at just how much BRCC is giving back and the ‘why’ behind it.

They’re easy to deal with!

There are several different subscription offers, so it’s easy to find one that fits with your preference and budget. Club members receive FREE shipping on all coffee club orders. Shipping frequency is easily adjustable, or you can cancel at anytime with no cancellation fee. They offer excellent customer service including online chat.

There’s a coupon!

If you’re interested in joining the club, click here to receive 20% off!

As I stated above, I do not receive monetary compensation, but I do receive BRCC points to purchase merchandise from their website. And I’m promoting an amazing company with a very important mission. And after you join, you can get referral points too!

And be sure to check them out on youtube. Not only do they make fantastic coffee, but they also make some pretty entertaining videos!

I hope you give these guys a chance and are just as pleased as we are with them. Again, the quality and the value are exceptional and what a meaningful company to support!


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